New year - New Doris and the Dragon game coming soon!

2017-01-28 11:21:14 by ArrogantPixel

New year - New Doris and the Dragon game coming soon!

You can pick up Doris Episode 1 on Steam right now

Check out this incredible image by Dark Litria. Please support her on Patreon:


Check out some of our recent reviews on Steam from Verified Customers:

An unexpected treat, a joyously little thing, and with such great voice acting. It reminded me of what I loved about Pratchett, and it caught me off guard by sharing a more fleshed out view on Grant Morrison's concept of the purpose of a Universe. All in all, lovely. Fun characters, great voice acting, and just an overall sense of fun. Really, really good job. I couldn't praise you enough, despite how short it is. Loved it right down to the stylised visuals that reminded me of Another World. Please make more.

- AuldWolf via Steam


Happy New Year everyone - we hope you have had a great start to the year!

In the last blog post, we shared how we have been putting the assets into the game and polishing off the scenes that we are going to reveal in the trailer.

Just click and play the video to have a look at some of the new music that is going into the game right now! Ben and Assad seem pleased with the progress!

We are back from a short winter break and ready to leap into action to make a real push for the trailer. It's taken a little longer than expected to get the assets together. We really want to make sure that the trailer was the best representation of the game possible, so we are taking our time to ensure that it's going to be perfect.

This is a quick snap of the Arrogant Pixel development team as we say goodbye for Christmas and the New year break before coming back to work in January!


Saf has been spending her time animating the scenes and the new characters (which we are SO excited to show you by the way). It looks like an almost complete game! Ben is busy putting everything into the game. We still have voice acting to complete but since Ryan is now back in the country, we are jumping on that too this week.

This is a quick photo from today's work jam session :D


We are working as hard as we possibly can on this game. It is truly a labor of love.

We'll be back soon with another update!

Love the AP team x


Get the game for Mac, PC and Linux here:


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